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Something big, something bold.

General Admission

Fresh digital brand presence

General Admission, the distinguished Canadian canna consumer brand known for its bold flavors and innovative product offerings, approached us with an exciting challenge. With an almost non-existing online presence, they sought to revamp their digital footprint and introduce new products like edibles and the revolutionary Blinker CLT device. Our mission was clear: reinvigorate their brand and create a dynamic online platform to captivate their audience.

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Engage users and provide a memorable experience

To capture the essence of General Admission's bold and innovative approach, we crafted a visually striking and user-friendly website. This involved creating captivating product pages, engaging product descriptions, and a user-friendly shop locator. To elevate the brand's online experience, we produced immersive 3D videos that showcase General Admission's products and flavours. These videos captivate and educate consumers, setting the brand apart in the competitive canna market.

Enhancing brand awareness and customer loyalty

We are proud to have played a part in redefining their online presence and launching new products that are capturing the market's attention. As the canna industry continues to evolve, General Admission is now well-positioned for success with a dynamic online platform that reflects their bold flavors and innovation.

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