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Webflow Designer


Polyform Studio is a creative digital agency based originally in Vancouver, BC but with a global team working from all over the world. We’re a remote-first company the values work/life balance and focusing on projects that excite you and help us grow. We like to push the limits of what’s possible in order to create extraordinary experiences, and we’re looking for a web-focused individual to come along for the ride.

About the role

As our most recent addition to our in-house development team, you’ll be working on interesting, future-forward projects for both in-house initiatives and clients projects. Day to day you will:

  • Learn our systems. You will be working directly with a Senior Level Developer to learn and work within our dedicated Polyform Studio development system. We have certain ways that we work within Webflow to ensure consistency and responsiveness and having all team members work within the same system ensures everyone can assist on projects as necessary.
  • Be a problem-solver. We like to say yes to our designers and come up with simple and creative solutions to executing their ideas in the cleanest and most dynamic way possible. Finding the best way (which isn’t necessarily the first or fastest way) is how we deliver our products.
  • Get involved. Everyone at Polyform Studio works with an owner attitude as we’re all creating an agency that we love to work at every day. Your input and thoughts are appreciated and encouraged across all modalities. If you have input on Project Management, Design or any other department, we’d love to hear it.
  • Develop cleanly and efficiently. We always try to build our projects so that they’re easy to update and simple to make edits within. That means systematic CSS nomenclature, appropriate use of symbols and being detail oriented in all steps throughout your build process.
  • Learn constantly. We’re always taking on projects that push the boundaries of what’s possible with Webflow, which means working together as team to find a way to make things work. Being open to all ideas and being a team player is key.

About you

  • You’re passionate and genuinely curious about Webflow development, interaction design and user experience.
  • You’re always thinking of new cool layouts, animations, or digital experiences that you’d love to create.
  • You’ve built several Webflow websites entirely from scratch, bonus points if you’ve also designed them yourself.
  • You're able to solve complex problems in accelerated ways while maintaining ambitious long term visions. You're able to make near-term tradeoffs and shortcut traditional development processes to build "V1s", but have a strong idea for what "V2, V5, V10" might look like.
  • You're independent and able to take initiative. You're excited about owning projects from start to finish.
  • You’re able to supplement your Webflow creations with custom code as needed or are interested in learning how to do so.
  • You take direction clearly and are able to execute and make decisions on your own based on team feedback.

Awesome People Always Welcome


Are you interested in working for Polyform and becoming part of the team but don't see a position listed on this page that fits your skill set? Don't worry, we're still interested. We've gotten where we are today with an 'aces in their places' mentality and know the value of good people and having a strong team.

If you have skills in Web3, 3D, AR/VR, product design, project management, development or design and think you're Polyform People reach out and let's talk.

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