The first AI-powered Social Health platform using data & connections to improve health.

Tel Aviv, Israel

digital connection is up, personal connection is down

Whether you're dealing with depression, having your 1st child, entering retirement, or working to improve overall wellness, Wisdo has your back. With 70+ demographic-specific support communities, nearly 2 million users, and trained Wisdo Helpers, Guides and Coaches, Wisdo harnesses the power of peer to peer support by connecting people with similar life circumstances.

idea to market to google award winning in under 1 year

When we met the Wisdo team they had a dream, a set of guiding principals, and some capital. We quickly went to work implementing our Discovery process to get to the bottom of what “social health” means in a digital world. Through research, user testing, focus groups, and a LOT of whiteboard sketching, we co-created the foundations of what Fast Company would go on to describe as one of the “Most Innovative Companies” of the year.


The year following their collaboration with Polyform, Wisdo went on to achieve incredible results. The same year as launch they were awarded the Google Play Award for Social Good, highlighting startup products designed for maximum positive social impact. They also received the  Fast Company “Most Innovative Companies” Award. They also hit +500,000 daily active users, which enabled them to raise more than $9M within 18 months of launch.

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