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Canadian market entry

Since 2010, Kiva Confections has been producing delicious and high-quality cannabis edibles that their consumers have obsessed over. As the family-founded cannabis edibles giant grew and grew, its expansion into additional markets was a sure thing. We facilitated Kiva’s brand expansion into the Canadian Cannabis Market. Providing guidance and production design help as they navigated the challenges of a new market.

Adhered to legal guidelines while retaining brand essence

With so many big edibles names available on the Canadian market, Kiva had their work cut out. But as a veteran of the edible industry, they weren’t strangers to expressing the value of their product to capture consumer attention.

We retained core concepts of the American Kiva presence while introducing new elements that still had familiarity to their Canadian customers. Through package and web design we created a synchronicity between products and presence in the new market.

Conquer the world one bite at a time

Our team of canna specialist had a breeze adapting their online presence and packaging to align with Canadian regulations, ensuring their continued success in the Canadian market. Together, we maintained the standard for compliance and brand excellence, and we look forward to witnessing KIVA's ongoing growth and prominence in the canna edibles sector.

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