Augmented Retail: The Next Generation


Augmented Retail: The Next Generation


The retail revolution is augmented

AR is happening. That’s not up for debate. Apple will announce their mixed reality headset in June. We’ll step towards headset ubiquity. By the end of the decade all-day-wear AR glasses will eclipse iPhones sales. Deal with it.

These changes running along side consumer AI means we need to get ready for things to get weird. Though all industries need to prepare, retail & fashion have always been early adopters of new technology as a mechanism to appeal to younger audiences and to stay hype worthy.

They’re saying “it’s a revolution”

  • Shopify shows a staggering 94% conversion increase with AR-enabled product pages. As the leading e-commerce platform, it champions AR's potential in retail.
  • 71% of consumers would shop more with AR experiences. It's clear that buyers crave immersive, convenient shopping.
  • 66% of consumers express greater interest in websites offering 3D/AR shopping. They seek experiences over mere transactions.
  • Despite its potential, 51% of consumers feel retailers underutilize AR. Pioneering brands will lead the market.
  • 78% of AR-experiencing users favour it over video content, cementing AR's dominance in content hierarchy.
  • By 2025, AR product visualization will influence $57.8 billion retail sales, as e-commerce claims 25% of total sales. Brands must harness AR's power to thrive.

The Apple Retailverse. Experiential retail, from your couch.

In Polyform Magazine issue #4 we dove deep into the Apple headset announcements & future feature rumours. Retail is just one of the industries that’s about to benefit GREATLY from the new headset features. Brick and Mortar shops will be able to transition into the virtual world, where from the comforts of their own homes, shoppers can browse stores and make purchases. Knowing they’re in the Apple-approved ecosystem they know, love, & trust, combines with the lift on conversion that AR gives, this is going to be HUGE for the stores who do it well early on.

AR TECH IS LANDING IN STORES NEAR YOU! Virtual try-on, wayfinding, and in-store experience.

Zero10 X Tommy Hilfiger

Zero10 has integrated its AR Mirror technology into selected Tommy Hilfiger retail stores, allowing customers to try on a selection of the 28-piece collection digitally. Including three virtual looks with special animated effects only available in augmented reality.


Although Navigation is nothing new on a phone, Hyper found a way to combine AR and Navigation for retail. Hyper creates detailed maps of indoor spaces, allowing users to navigate and see the building layout.


Target's latest trick to keep children entertained in-store is a stroke of augmented reality genius! By adding a scavenger hunt twist, they're making shopping feel more like an exciting experiential retail adventure.

Adam Wilson
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