Feel the fizz.

Bubble Kush

The brand for Socially Effervescent Novices

Cannabis drinks on the market took themselves so seriously, so ‘wellness-y’ so boring. We set out to change that with Bubble Kush.

Aspiring to capitalize as a leader in the growing sector of cannabis-infused drinks, Bubble Kush needed a design system, marketing toolkit and digital presence that reflected the brand, educated customers on their beverages, and drove audience engagement through their channels. We designed their brand, marketing material and website with a strategic emphasis on making it easy for consumers to get involved with the brand.

Polyform responds

Bubble Kush was looking to differentiate from the existing market competition without missing opportunities to convert consumers participating in the infused-beverage market.

From strategy to brand to online presence, we crafted and positioned the Bubble Kush brand to speak to and capitalize on the fun associated with cannabis; targeting a newer, younger audience while owning the premium nature of their beverages.

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